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Learning Perl5i

I've been looking at the module perl5i, which puts a sideways twist on Perl, eliminating tons of boring boilerplate, and introduce many conveniences. In this case, the i eliminates complexity.

Installing perl5i installs a number of other modules as well, on the other hand life becomes better once they are installed.

If you don't have cpanm or one of the other improved CPAN installers, the simplest way is to install perl5i and its friends using the command

sudo cpan perl5i

You may need to type in yes to have cpan  install dependencies. Some modules are needed only temporarily during installation, and you are asked whether you want them permanently installed. Perl modules don't take up very much space, so I always go for it. Installation is a bit different on Windows or Linux machines, but you can figure it out, you're a mighty Perl programmer!

One consideration is that major versions of perl5i may change in drastic ways. But you don't include perl5i; what you specify…